Our Vision

To provide high quality consistent craft beer in classic styles; focusing on flavor over novelty. The hallmark of a Pato beer is the desire to drink more than one.

Our Story

Pato Brewing was born out of the selfish desire to drink better beer. Craft beer was just starting to gain a toehold in Lisbon but was not generally available in Cascais. The usual choice between two industrial lagers was the only option. We wanted more favorable and interesting beer to drink; so, we decided to try our hand at making it ourselves. We undertook a self-taught crash course in brewing in the garage on a small home brewing kit. After much experimentation and a few tastings with family and friends we decided we had a recipe good enough to share. Three of those initial test recipes have eventually made it into our repertoire.

The founders (see Bio) brought a wide range of experience to the craft beer business; along with a love of good food and drink. From its inception Pato Brewing has prided itself on providing quality beer and professional service to all our customers. Our original approach was to produce only one draft beer with a plan to produce rotational seasonal beers in year two.

Our flagship American Pale Ale Patinho was introduced in November 2016. Patinho translates as duckling and as such represents our fledgling offering to the world.

Like most plans it did not survive long once in contact with reality. Less than two years into our journey we have five different beers permanently in the market; in both draft and bottles. We have been producing our own beer for much of the time and now have our own brewery and taproom.

Along the way we have been lucky to become part of the brewing community in Portugal; which has proven to be supportive and fun and provide many new friends.

The story behind the duck

Pato. That means duck, right? Why would you call your brewery Duck?.

The most frequent question we get. Once we decided to take the leap of faith and open a craft brewery we spend a lot of time trying to come up with a killer name. One that was edgy, sexy and bold. Not to mention easy for people of many different languages to say. Needless to say, Duck was not on the list.

As our plan was to only provide draft beer our most important visible symbol was going to be our tap handle. Most beer drinkers will tell you that the first thing they do on entering a new

pub/bar/restaurant is look at the taps to see what is available. As a result, every suggested name had to be viewed from the perspective of what the tap handle would look like. A name

that was universally rejected was Bathtub Brewing but Ramsay fell in love with the proposed tap handle a rubber duck on a stick. For all new proposal we asked if the tap handle was better than a rubber duck on a stick.

Eventually the others got fed upon and decided that we would just call ourselves Pato Brewing so we could still have the duck on a stick.

Our Brewery

Pato Brewing is now into its third production space. We started by contract brewing with another craft brewer. We quickly realized that we needed to have our own production facility and take full ownership of the process. To facilitate this, we joined with Oeste, an existing brewer, to set up a community brewery at their facility in Sobral do Monte Agraço. We were shortly joined by a third brewer, Carapau do Corrida. Pato Brewing provided new state of the art commercial brewing equipment to the enterprise. Starting with an installed capacity of 6,000L per month the facility quickly expanded to 16,000L per month by October of 2017; split between the three brewers.

By the end of 2017 it was clear that future expansion was not possible at the Sobral location. Consequently, Pato Brewing acquired a facility in Beloura, just minutes up the road from our home in Cascais. We retrofitted the space to support a brewing operation and moved all our production there, brewing our first batch in May 2018

We would love for you to come and tour the Beloura brewery, learn about the brewing process, meet the brewers and sample the beers.

Our Taproom

The Beloura brewery also includes an additional 100M taproom. At the taproom we feature all beers brewed on site; with the capacity to serve up to 12 different draft beers at a time. It is serves as a test bed for experimental beers that may one day make it into our full range of beers.

Our Founders

Grimoalda Soares:

Grimoalda is a chemist and a professional with a diverse background in the pharmaceutical industry in Canada and the United States. She has held various leadership positions in laboratory, quality and regulatory functions at Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca over a 20 year span.  Grimoalda is a Portuguese native, raised in Canada and has recently returned to Portugal. Most importantly, her favorite beer is The Iron Duke.

Tim Munnion:

Tim has lived & worked in Portugal for the last 30 years, initially as Commercial Director for Mars, and then starting his own sales training business, Excelformação, in 1999. In 2004, Tim set up Exceder, a company specializing in outsourced sales force management. Tim was involved in the successful start-up of Pay Shop which was eventually acquired by CTT. He has lived & worked in the UK, France & Spain and speaks 4 languages fluently. Tim’s favorite beer is Patinho.

Ramsay Wells:

Ramsay is a finance professional with extensive experience in the support of large, complex technology organizations. Prior to launching Cevejaria Crafters, Ramsay was the CFO/CAO and one of the founders of Evizone Ltd, a software start-up focused on security and privacy. In this role he was active in the intial set up and structuring of the company. Previously he was the Head of Finance for the Technology Infrastructure division for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). Ramsay also spent a number of years working in London, England with Unisys and Thorne Security. He often drinks PIPA in the evenings, especially while cooking.