Variety Case

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Various Mixed Cases of your favorite Pato Beers






Get a mixture of Pato Beers in one case. Whether you want to try something new, or just have too many favorites to pick one, the variety cases have what you need.

All cases come with 12 330ml bottles of Pato Beer

We’ve got 4 options at the moment, though if you’d like something special, you can feel free to contact us.

The Flock – This is a bit of everything we currently produce. All 5. Try ’em out.

3x Patinho, 3x Iron Duke, 2x Chinook, 2x Pipa, 2x Vapor


The Sweet Tooth – If you like your beers with a bit more sweetness, this is the case for you.

6x Iron Duke, 6x Chinook


The Pale Duck – You like Pale Ales? We’ve got Pale Ales.

6x Patinho, 6x Pipa


The Seasonal – We’ve produced several seasonal beers. Get them in one case here.

4x Iron Duke, 4x Pipa, 4x Chinook

Additional information

Weight 7.1 kg
Mixed Cases

The Flock, The Sweet Tooth, The Pale Duck, The Seasonal


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